Q. Why are some similar size basins heavier than others?
A. Light & less dense rocks will feel unusually light. Pumice is a good example of a low density rock. It has tiny air pockets, making it light enough to float on water. Rocks that feel unusually heavy can have many layers of compression over time & contain dense minerals such as iron ore, sulfides or garnet.

Q. How do you measure your basins ?
A. We measure each basin from at their longest and widest points of reference. We then measure the sides of the basin at their lowest and heighest points from the bottom of the basin to the top edge. Most basins measure around 15cm's from the top to bottom. However some basins due to their unique character may have sides that vary in height ranging from 13 - 17cm's. For basins that have large flat surfaces  on the edges we refer to this as the "Lip" This also varies for each basin.

Q. How long does it take to carve out a stone basin?
A. Approximately 4 full days to source, cut, grind, seal and polish a basin.

Q. Where do these basins come from?
A. Bali, Indonesia.

Q. What size basin should I choose? 
A. Depending on the size of the vanity top or pedestal will determine what size is suitable. It is advisable to check the weight specifications of the basin before purchasing to see if your vanity can support such a weight.

Q. Do these basins have a standard New Zealand waste size hole?
A. Yes all our basins and baths have their holes drilled to New Zealand standards. All basins have a 32mm waste hole and bath tubs 45mm. I am personally present during this process and we test & check each individual basin before determining if its fit for sale. Choose 'No Overflow' with your basin or bath Pop-up

Q. How long does a stone basin last?
A. Easily! this will last a life time! 

Q. Does the bottom of the basin need to be siliconed to the vanity?
A. Generally the share weight of the basin & once the ‘Pop up” is connected to the waste pipe should be more than enough to hold it in place, however some people prefer to silicone the base to avoid any accidental water from the vanity top going underneath the basin.

Q. Sometimes I see lines through the stone, what are these?
A. These are compression layers that take thousands of years to form. It gives each basin its individual character.

Q. Can you get matching basins?
A. Almost impossible to achieve due to their uniqueness. In some rare cases we come across 1 boulder that can be split into 2 basins. We generally don’t hold them as pairs because most people purchase separate basins for individual bathrooms | powder rooms

Q. Why do you have so many photos for each basin?
A. Each basin has its own character, shape, size & colour. In order for a customer to consider if a basin is right for them, we take many photos to help with the process. Kind of helps takes the guess work out of buying on line.

Q. Do you have a money back policy?
A. Yes we do, if you are not satisfied with your choice within 30 days, you may return any un used product to us for a full refund less freight fees. Products must be in the “new” condition packed securely undamaged upon inspection back to our warehouse in Christchurch.